Thank you for shopping with us, we value our local neighborhood store and what we are able to offer in Vancouver Washington!


Our return policy is a Boutique standard among small businesses in and around town. We have tried a few options since we've opened our doors in June of 2016 from having an open return policy to narrowing it down to in store credits added to a Gift Card when items are brought back clean, un worn, un washed and in original condition. Since we updated our policy, we have been diligent to inspect clothing before it leaves the store insuring that it is in excellent condition. If there is an item that has a manufacturer flaw, No Problem! we will replace it for you or put the balance on a Gift Card! 

Because we are a store in the downtown area, theft is common. We need to have the exchanged item accompanied with a receipt. We also notice that folks are using the hand wash cycle on clothes rather than hand washing them. These two systems are different as the machine tends to over wash delicate items, not to mention wash machines can snag clothes made of fine fabrics. Manufacturers recommend washing tops inside out. We trust that when you bring your items home, they will be cared for as we cared for them.  Because we are small, we don't have a warehouse to send our returns and can be a costly endeavor for both the merchant and customer.

We love that we have sold so many gifts in our short time of being open! Holidays are always near! so we know how important it is for your loved one to receive something they love too! We extend the time frame for exchanges with their receipt. We will take care of them at their time of exchange!